Minutes – Planning Commission


Town of Hayward

Planning Commission

February 11, 2013


1) Chair Dick Dewhurst called the meeting to order at 5:30PM.  Present were Dick Dewhurst, Joan Cervenka, Pat Effertz, Derek Sokoloski, and Tom Turngren, (quorum present).  Others present; Parks and Recreation Committee member: Kurt Proctor; Jason Nelson (Heart of the North).

2) Rules for Public Participation – noted by Dick Dewhurst, but not read.

3) Tom Turngren moved to approve the February agenda, seconded by Pat Effertz.  Motion carried.

4) Pat Effertz moved to approve the January 7, 2012 minutes, seconded by Tom Turngren.  Motion carried.

5) Public Comments and questions: None tendered.


6) Park AND RECREATION Committee:

A) Town of Hayward Recreation Forest:  Kurt Proctor updated the Committee on the activities at the Park.   He noted that the sledding hill is receiving a lot of use.  The trails are also getting a lot of use from walkers and skiers.   Kurt reported that the NorthernWatersEnvironmentalSchool students are starting some very initial work on the snowshoe trail.   Firewood is adequate, at this time.    An open winter access road to the cabin, for emergency access, needs some consideration/thoughts.  No action taken by the Board

7) CSM’s

                A) Hoff – On behalf of the owner, Jason Nelson (Heart of the North Survey) presented the proposed reconfiguration of lot 12, CSM No. 7864 and lot 13, block 6 Stonewood West Subdivision, located in parts of the SW1/4 of the NE ¼ of Section 29, T41N, R9W.  The existing boundary between lots 12 and 13 of this CSM is proposed to be reconfigured at the direction of Swanson and Hoff, Inc. The new CSM increases the width of lot 12 and reduces lot 13 by 40 feet.


Tom Turngren moved torecommend to Town Board for an acceptance of the subdivision.  Seconded by Joan Cervenka.  Motion carried. Approved by the Board.

                B) Hexum – On behalf of the owner, Jason Nelson (Heart of the North Survey) presented the proposed new CSM noted as Lot 4, CSM No. 7495, recorded in Vol. 30 on page 2-4, located in the SE ¼ of the SE ¼ and part of the SW ¼ of the SE ¼, all in Section 31, T41N R9W.  This CSM forms a new lot which contains two types of zoning; commercial and industrial.   It is an opinion of the Commission that this is not the creation of a non-conforming lot.  


Tom Turngren moved to recommend to Town Board for an acceptance of the CSM.  Seconded by Pat Effertz.   Motion carried. Approved by the Board


8) BIKE TRAIL  – Hoff Property and Gorney Property:   Gorney’s reported to Joan Cervenka that they are not interested in exploring  a potential route to tie in directly with the Park and Park trails through their property.  Derek will meet Roger Hoff concerning “lot 4” and will be working on that part of the trail discussion as far as possibilities to cross “lot 4”, swapping easements, or other negotiations.   

9) LIGHT INDUSTRIAL ZONE   Potential wording for a light industrial zone, constructed by Dale Olson, was reviewed and discussed by the Commission.   An existing Washburn County Code of Ordinance for an Industrial District was also reviewed.  Parts of both narratives contained valuable insight, quantifiable standards, measurable standards, and specific concepts.  Ideas were shared for Dick Dewhurst to bring to the SawyerCounty’s Zoning & Conservation Committee.     


10) DESIGN REVIEW/HIGHWAY OVERLAY ORDINANCE: Derek Sokoloski distributed language to Planning Commission members last month. Tabled and additional reviews will be on slate for the next meeting.  

11) CHANGES TO PRIVATE ROAD & DRIVEWAY ORDINANCE:  A detailed review of the proposal developed by Don Hamblin was initiated.  An assignment was given to all Commission members to review this proposal again in detail and bring comments and ideas to the next meeting.  The Town Board has also indicated possible changes to rules for accepting private roads that should be included.  Maybe two separate ordinances would be more appropriate?  It is anticipated that the configuration of a new ordinance(s) needs to be undertaken by all and given full thought and diligence.  


12) HOUSEKEEPING & UPDATES:  See item 11.  Andy Bonicatto tendered his resignation to the Commission.    Andy’s many, many years of service to the Town of Hayward and the Planning Commission were noted.  


13) Tom Turngren made a motion to adjourn at 7:10 P.M.

 Minutes prepared by Joan Cervenka, Feb 11, 2013, additions by Dick Dewhurst Feb 24, 2011.  


                         Next Regular Meeting – March 11, 2013 at    5:30 pm 


Note: Bold Italics designate action subsequent to Planning Commission meeting