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Regular Town Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Present: Chairman Homuth, Supervisor Gedart, Supervisor Tiffany, Treasurer Jalowitz

Absent: Clerk Hand


Meeting called to order at 7:00PM by Chairman Homuth.


Gedart motioned to approve December agenda. Tiffany seconded. Motion carried.


Tiffany motioned to approve November 12 Special Meeting for the Public Budget Hearing minutes. Gedart seconded. Motion carried.


Tiffany motioned to approve November 12 Special Meeting of the Electors minutes. Gedart seconded. Motion carried.


Gedart motioned to approve November 12 Regular Meeting minutes. Tiffany seconded. Motion carried.


Tiffany motioned to approve November 20 Special Meeting minutes. Gedart seconded. Motion carried.


Public Comment & Questions: none



a. Variance Application

1. John Campbell et ux dba Pacific Island Crafts. Part of the SQ ¼ NE ¼, S28, T 41N, R 9W; Parcel 3.5. Site address: 16016W US Hwy 63. Property has 1.0 acres and is zoned Commercial One. Application is for the construction of a 22’ x 48’ (23’ x 51’ with eaves) addition onto an existing retail store located 110’ from the centerline of Hwy 63. The construction cost of the addition will exceed 50% of the current estimated fair market value of the existing building. Variance is requested as Section 10.21, Sawyer County Zoning Ordinance, would require the prior granting of a variance for any structure exceeding 50% of the current estimated fair market value of an existing non-conforming structure. Gedart motioned to approve variance because it would not be damaging to the rights of others or property values. Tiffany seconded. Motion carried.

b. CSMs

1. Heart of the North – Great Northern Pines, Inc. Tiffany motioned to approve authorization of Chairman Homuth to sign CSM. Gedart seconded. Motion carried.


9. Road Report – Don Hamblin, Road Supervisor

a. Monthly Report: Quite a few areas were shouldered before the snow came.

New dump shack has been completed and has been in use for a couple weeks now. More area at the dump compost site was reclaimed to allow for more usable space. Nothing new to report on the Airport Road project, crews are installing navigational equipment out there now. We’ve been working to get everything winterized and catch up on some regular maintenance. We’ve plowed three times already and have already used almost a shed full of salt sand to date. No major breakdowns to report. We helped Lenroot plow out a couple roads because they had a truck break down during the last snowfall. Driveways were plowed after the last snowfall on Thursday and Friday with both the pickup and the loader. Tower Road right-of-way’s were cleared by Frank Larson Logging. The road will receive a lot more sun light now and require less maintenance. We have some brush piles to burn up there at some point now that we have snow, and we’ll have to do some clean up in the ditches this spring. Gedart suggested we should advertise for another part time driver.

b. Office Space: Board approved building of office space for the highway department.

c. Fairway Dr: Hamblin will talk to Deb Freeman in regards to this issue.

10. Fire Department – Bob Shamro, Fire Chief

a. Monthly Report: Shamro requested that the credit card for the Fire Department be raised to $5000.00. Chairman Homuth will take care of that.


• 7 responses see fire report summary on reverse side.

Treasurer’s Report:

• See attached


• Monthly department training was a review of commonly used fire ground knots and proper procedures for elevating equipment.

• We hosted Part I of the Entry Level Driver Operator class.

• Three THFD members participated in ice water rescue training conducted by the CHFDI..


• The pump/hose bed cover and compartment heater installation on Brush 3 is nearing completion.

• I request that any funds remaining in the THFD 2013 budget at the end of the year be properly earmarked and applied toward the apparatus fund.

• I request the max allowed spending limit for the THFD credit card be raised from $1,500 to $5,000. Any charges over the maximum limit are penalized $70.00. This has happened twice this year and can easily be remedied by changing the limit.


11. Planning Commission – Richard Dewhurst, Chairman

a. Monthly Report: CSM’s – Heart of the North – Great Northern Pines Properties Inc.

On behalf of the landowner, Jason Nelson presented a Certified Survey Map of a parcel of land displaying a subdivision of a property. The property is zoned both Agriculture and Residential and contains two snowmobile trails. No other issues were identified concerning this tract. The lot is Lot 1, containing 11.73 acres, more of less, located in part of Government Lot 4, in the SW 1/4SE ¼, NW ¼ SE ¼, and NE ¼ SE 1/4 , all in Section 35, T41N, R8W. No issues or concerns were raised by this CSM.

Plan Comm. recommends approval without conditions.


Regarding the November CSM for Fort Jordan. The PC had recommended that a note be included on the CSM indicating the parcels were subject to “Restrictive Covenants”. The Covenants have been recorded but the CSM, as recorded, does not refer to the covenants. Will follow-up for January meeting.


Park & Recreation Committee

A) Town Forest

i) Trail Maintenance Kurt Proctor reported that grooming for skiing has started. Tracks will be set for classic skiing on some trails as conditions allow.


ii) Lights/Signs Kurt reported that he has bought and installed 4 solar trail marker lights, which cast light seen for about 800 yards. Additional lights could be located on the existing wood posts. Plan Comm. approved using the remainder of the existing allocation, up to $500, to purchase and install additional similar lights.


iii) Snow Shoe Trails All snowshoe trails originate from the shelter. Two loop trails are done and a third loop is in process. Dick Dewhurst will contact Matt to recommend that a sign or other notification be posted at the parking lot trailhead to inform citizens of the snowshoe trail.


Bike Trail – Joan Cervenka reported that the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant application is due December 13, 2013. The application package appears to be on track. The proposal was presented to the Sawyer County Economic Development Committee for general information and will be presented to the Forestry Committee and County Board.


Driveway Ordinance – The proposed Driveway Ordinance was reviewed. The Plan Comm. recommends the Town Board approve the latest version of the Ordinance. Passed by the Town Board. Public Hearing scheduled for next month Town Board meeting. Notice will be published in the Sawyer County Record.


Building Permits/UDC Ordinances – Building Permits are addressed in the Town of Hayward Ordinance in the section on Land Use and Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) is addressed in the section on Administration. As follow-up to previous meeting discussions, an assignment was made to all Planning Commission members to read these ordinances. Consideration needs to be given as to what requires an inspection and when does UDC apply, and how does this compare with other Towns.


There is a critical need for additional Planning Commission members. Commission can have up to nine people.


12. Police Department – Justin Hall, Police Chief

a. Monthly Report: No monthly report submitted due to Hall’s absence.

13. Old Business

a. Driveway Ordinance: Approved with a few minor changes. Tiffany motioned to approve. Gedart seconded. Motion carried. Ordinance will be posted.

14. New Business

a. Anderson, Hager and Moe – Audit: $4800 – $5500 for audit and AH & M would like to begin right away. Gedart motioned to approve. Tiffany seconded. Motion carried.

b. Health Insurance: Motion to rescind last action and agreement with Security Health (at last meeting) by Gedart. Tiffany seconded. We will keep our March 1 renewal date which will be a better deal for us. Terry Magnuson will be contacted to find out what our next steps are.

c. Budget Review: Gedart motioned to accept. Tiffany seconded. Motion carried.

d. Vouchers: Gedart motioned to approve vouchers. Homuth seconded. Motion carried.

15. Adjournment at 8:15 PM


Next Town Board meeting Tuesday, January 14, 2013 7:00PM

Website: http://townofhayward.com


Minutes taken by Treasurer Jalowitz, prepared by Clerk Hand


/s/ Bryn Hand






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